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Aaleyah Jay – Power Tumbler

By March 9, 2020 No Comments

DHF are proud to announce we are supporting Aaleyah Jay, a power tumbler from New Malden, with her ambitions in the world of Gymnastic Tumbling. Here is Aaleyah’s story so far in her own words:

Hi I’m Aaleyah and i’m 9 years old, I am a power tumbler.

I started gymnastics when I was 4 years old at a recreational club called Gymfit in Ewell for 1 hour a week. I now go to Gymfit for 2 hours a week where I get to go on the equipment, my favourite is the trampette and I get to be in displays. At 6 I decided I wanted to be able to do a backflip after seeing someone do it on the tv, I thought it was cool, 3 months later I could do it! When I was nearly 7 I went to try out a tumbling class, I LOVED IT!!! I was asked to join a tumbling squad the same day and I started training 3 hours and competing.

At the competitions I put on my game face, this is the time I tumble my best…. I love having an audience to show what I can do!

When I was 7 i trialled for a new squad, I went to a few gyms and got offered places but then I went to the Sutton Academy of gymnastics, I was so much younger and smaller then everyone else but I knew that i had found the right coach and I was offered a place! I went to my first competition a few weeks later and got gold but there was no one from my club there as they were all much later in the day being older, soon my coach created a new squad for younger gymnasts and now there are lots of tumblers of my age. My coach and the squad moved venues in September to Unity in Carshalton. The new gym has the tracks we need to learn higher level skills. I train 3-6 hours a week.

When I was 7 I started training club levels, age 8 i started competing NDP1 (national development plan), in May 2019 I went to the English championships and came 4th in England (age 9/11), I was really proud of how I performed. Now I am training NDP2 runs and have my first competition competing this in 2 weeks (15th Feb 2020). I get nervous when I move up levels but this helps me as it makes me push my self harder. In total I have entered 11 competitions so far I have got 7 golds and 2 bronze medals.

My favourite tumble move is a layout and in the future I want to be able to do a double back tuck.

The NDP2 tumble runs are:
1) round off, 4 flicks, tuck
2) round off, flick, whip, 2 flicks
3) round off, flick, pike

I hope this year I will qualify for the English Championships again or Nationals, to do this I will need to place in the top 2 age 9-11 in London qualifiers.

There isn’t anything like the feeling when I’m on the track ready to compete and I always show them my winning smile no matter what!