As part of a new initiative with local primary and secondary schools DHF are proud to announce we are supporting Jaya Wilkinson, an aspiring golfer from Hinchley Wood, with her ambitions to play professionally on Tour. Here is Jaya’s story in her own words:

My name is Jaya Wilkinson and I am 13 years old. I live in Hinchley Wood, Surrey and attend Hinchley Wood Secondary School. My long term goal is to become a Professional Golfer and play on tour.

I started playing golf 6 years ago not realising it was something that I would become so passionate about. Due to a lack of confidence it was only 2 years ago that I played my first full 18 holes on a course and started to compete. Initially my handicap was 32 and I have now managed to reduce it to 14. I have been part of the Girls Under 16 Surrey Academy for the last 2 years.

Last year I qualified for the Wee Wonders Grand Final which was held at St Andrews Golf Club in Scotland. It was my first big competition but I really enjoyed the experience. This qualified me for the 2018 US Kids Golf European Championships.

During this year I have competed in many competitions but by far the largest was the European Championships at Mussleburgh Golf Club, Scotland. This was a 3-day event and I played against many nationalities. As I finished in the top 20 this secured me with a US Kids Golf orange status and I qualified for the 2018 Teen World Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It has also opened many opportunities to play competitions worldwide.

In May I will be competing in the 2019 US Kids Golf European Championships which will be held in Scotland, with the hope of qualifying again for the Teen World Championships. My ambition over the next year is to reduce my handicap further and trial for the South of England Squad with the hope of securing a place. I would also like to win the Club Championships at Horton Park Golf Club.

The support of the Dylan Howells Foundation will enable me to upgrade some of my golf clubs that I’ve outgrown, as well as help with coaching and entry fees.