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Abel Karate

By May 3, 2024 No Comments

The Dylan Howells Foundation is proud to announce its support for local club Abel Karate: https://abelkarate.com.

Paul Abel has been practicing Karate for over 20 years and has always wanted to share his expertise with others, something that drove him to establish Abel Karate in 2010. The Dylan Howells Foundation first encountered Paul through his work with Joseph Clifton and was immediately struck by both his passion and professionalism. As such when Paul approached us with an opportunity to support some of his less financially well off students, it seemed like a great fit for the foundation.

“At Abel Karate we share the same passion as the Dylan Howells Foundation around inclusivity and accessibility within sport. This year, with the support of the Dylan Howells Foundation, we have been able to provide two students with training sessions twice a week, who otherwise would find this financially impossible. The selected two students are driven to succeed in Karate and have a lot of potential and both our instructors and the students are overjoyed to be training together twice on a weekly basis, and just over a month in, we can already see the progress!

Thank you to the Dylan Howells Foundation for again supporting students from Abel Karate.” – Paul Abel.

We look forward to following the progress of the two chosen students and sharing further updates moving forward.