DHF are proud to announce we are supporting Daniel Morley, a professional boxer from Epsom, with his ambitions to achieve big things within boxing. Here’s more from Dan:

My name is Daniel Morley. I’ve lived in Epsom for 9 years now after moving away from Mitcham at the age of 12. As a kid I was very shy, but always excelled at sports such as football and cricket. It was at 14 years old that I first stepped into the boxing gym, much to the surprise of my parents. After shaking the initial nerves I took to the sport & have compiled an impressive record over the last 7 years.

Boxing has changed my life completely, boosting my confidence, allowing me to focus my mind on a challenging goal and in one way or another has always been a factor amongst everything I have earned so far in my life. As an amateur I boxed 25 times, winning regional titles & competing in national tournaments, but my style always suited the professional side of the sport.

This year at the age of 21 I turned professional and have been victorious in both of my 2 fights, winning every round & gaining a following of supporters.

I am aiming to achieve big things within boxing & am on the right path to do so, surrounded by the right people to help me along the way such as my family, girlfriend & close friends, my coach Adam Martin & my sponsors the Dylan Howells Foundation & Homes for Heroes UK.