DHF are proud to announce we are supporting Eva O’Dwyer, a budding karate student (karateka) from New Malden, with her high ambitions in the world of Martial Arts. Here is Eva’s story so far in her own words:

I first started karate at the age of six. The thing that inspired me the most is that my dad used to do karate and I wanted to be like him. When I started with the club EKK (England Karate Kan) my Sensei, which means teacher in Japanese, noticed that I had a natural love and talent of kata. This is a sequence of moves to fight more than one person or an imaginary fight.

My first competition was at Brunel University age 6 and I came third. This was when I discovered that I loved competing and the feeling when you step up on the podium and receive your medal. I’m always so proud of where I’ve come. My mum and dad are of course my biggest fans but I also have a little sister called Maia and she is always there to cheer me on it gives me confidence to win and perform my best. Also my grandparents are so caring they have always been there for me.

I love competing it is great and tiring as my competitions are all over the country and abroad. In 2018 I became WUKF World and European Champion. This year I will be competing in the EKF, which is going to be a challenge that I have to train hard for.