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Lilian Musgrave – Figure Skater

By May 27, 2020 No Comments

DHF are proud to announce we are supporting Lilian Musgrave, a figure skater from Merrow, near Guildford in  Surrey with her ambitions to become a future British champion figure skater and represent her country at international level. Here is Lilian’s story:

“I am a 12 year old British Figure Skater and have been skating since the age of 3. Currently I am coached by David Lunn, Katie Bennett, and Kristen Spours. 

I have qualified for the British Championships in 2020 at Novice and Intermediate level and in my first 2020 National championship I came first at Skate Edinburgh at Intermediate level.”

Lilian has been a keen figure skater since the age of 3 and has had skating lessons on a regular basis since that time.  She currently has lessons at Basingstoke ice rink and Guildford ice rink for approximately 16 hours every week. In addition to this she attends training camps and last year this was twice in Dundee and this year she went to France in February.

Her record of achievement shows her ability as she has competed four times in competitions in 2020 and come first in each event.

As a twelve year old competing against girls up to the age of 15 at intermediate level she is currently 6th in the whole country from almost 100 other skaters.

Her coaches believe her ability is such that she can move up to a higher advanced level of competitions and so this year she needs to be given a whole new programme.

At Dundee last October, Lilian qualified for the British National Championships this year coming 5th against girls up to the age of 15 and achieving the requisite entrance score. She is the only girl at Guildford and Basingstoke ice rinks to gain entry to the prestigious national championships this year.

As a keen skater Lilian appears in pantomimes and last Christmas she was Maleficent in Snow White at Basingstoke and Michael in Peter Pan at Guildford.

“We feel honoured that the Dylan Howells Foundation have chosen to sponsor Lilian.”