DHF are proud to announce we are supporting The Kinetic Foundation – based in Croydon, Surrey – with their aim to attract and engage with disadvantaged young people from the South London area, and inspire and engage children in primary schools:

The Kinetic Foundation work with disadvantaged and/or disengaged young people, delivering a wide range of educational opportunities for them to learn new skills and improve their employment potential. Focusing on community togetherness and using sport as the hook for participation, they offer free sport sessions regardless of gender, ability, financial situation or ethnicity, which deliver structured, engaging, coaching and competition.

One such young person is Cairo Duhaney, who Kinetic have nominated as an ambassador for the Foundation. Cairo graduated form the programme in 2015 and is now employed as a coach.

 More from Cairo:

“I first got involved with Kinetic when a friend made the decision to join the education programme and he advised me this was the best place for my development so I came down and was lucky enough to get through a trial. My role now allows me to care for the boys both on and off the pitch, it’s important that I can relate to them not only through our passion for football but also through the fact that I’ve literally walked in their shoes. That offers me a unique opportunity to help them and offer guidance through this pivotal time in their development not just as footballers but as young men.”

“The funding provided by the Dylan Howells Foundation for our football coaches provides a role model and key support person for the young people that attend our sessions. Not only do they provide an excellent, high standard coaching and learning environment but without this essential funding, more young people would not have access to free sport at times of high crime and anti-social behaviour leading to further issues in society.”

– James Fotheringham, CEO