Eva O’Dwyer – Review of 2023

By January 2, 2024 No Comments

2023 has been a very busy year for me. I have been training hard for national and international competitions, working towards my black belt and building up my strength and stamina.

This year I have competed in a variety of competitions. Travelling to Scotland for the World Championships, The Netherlands for the Dutch open and Italy for the European Championships.

I am very excited and proud to say I won gold in all of the above competitions as well as winning gold in the national championships. I have also been competing against people aged between 15-18 in some competitions and also won gold.

Against some very very tough competitors I was able to perform to such a high level that my scores were some of the highest seen for my age!

In July I went to our Gashaku (a full on weekend of intensive karate training)  – where I was awarded my Black Belt! Which I have been training towards since I was 6 years old!

I train around 6 times a week and have started teaching our youngest karataka one day a week, as well as preparing for future competitions next year.

I am extremely grateful for the support and sponsorship DHF provide as it allows me to continue with my passion and I can continue my intensive training and competing programme.

Who knows what 2024 will bring!

Thank you!!

Amazing stuff and good luck for 2024, Eva.