Tanysha, Tanaya & Tamash – A Covid Summer report

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As part of our series of reports from our sponsored young people during the continued COVID-19 period, Sunali – mother of our trio of budding tennis, karate & cricket-playing siblings – lets us know how the pandemic has altered their plans for the year and how they have adjusted to the restrictions:


Tanysha has gone back to the academy for training and looking to play some tournaments in the U.K. till she can get back on tour. As soon as the restrictions were lifted, she played 2 British Invitational Tournaments which was played on Round Robin basis. She had some excellent wins against some of the British Fed Cup members who are in the top 200 in the world. Let’s hope once they can get back out there, she is in good condition to do well.


Tanaya played  some internal Surrey matches as all the Inter county matches were cancelled. She also played in  the men’s 4th and 3rd teams for the club. As always, her bowling economy rate was outstanding and was the team’s opening bowler. Her batting too has improved massively since last year.


Tamash didn’t have much with karate as all the competitions were cancelled. He was to attend the world championships in June in Poland. He has been attending on site training regularly in preparation for when they do finally go back.

As for his cricket, he was in amazing form as a batsman and also a keeper. He had 3 internal Surrey matches where they retire you at 35. He retired in all the matches and was the opening batsman and also the wicket keeper. Tamash was selected to play the only inter county match for this season as a keeper and opening batsman, but unfortunately was rained off.

As for the club matches, at 11 years, he played in the 12,13&14 age groups. Opened batting and Kept for the club too. Out of the 14 matches he played, except for 2, he retired in all of them. 2 matches had no retirement, and he went on to score 101 and 87 , both not out. He had an amazing season with the bat and gloves.

Well, that’s the summary for these 3 for the summer. Hopefully we will have a better summer next year with more to report on.

Thank you so much for your continued support.