Eva O’Dwyer – latest update

By February 27, 2019 No Comments

Eva O’Dwyer, our DHF-supported karate student, has given us an update on her recent activities:

After competing in the EKF standard, I have a great realisation how hard will have to work to achieve my aspiration of being in the 2028 Olympics (L.A.).

In 2019, I have already had been to two EKF competitions and achieved gold in the first one, which took place in the YMCA: Walthamstow. The second was in Leasowes High School: Birmingham I competed in two categories the first I got beaten two flags to one in the final by my fellow EKK student who is a boy and they are naturally stronger although I have technique I have to work on strength.

In my second category I got silver. I have been testing a new kata called Anan, which is a black belt 5th dan. Although I was disappointed, I am still proud of my achievements because I was put in a higher category that was age 10-12 years. Also, I was the youngest there so to be awarded silver was amazing and I will return to the dojo where I train to get even better.

Hopefully, in the future I will achieve my dream by working hard and never giving up. My advice to budding athletes would be is never give up, persevere and remember the path to success is not a straight line.

Lastly, follow your dream and you will achieve it.

Amazing attitude, Eva! Continued good luck in 2019 – All at DHF.